point of sale

The Isthera point of sale system offers fast and easy invoicing for any business that wants the simplicity of a cash register.

It is suitable for a large museum, a training center, the ticket office of a ski center, a golf course, or a cinema. With its size/color module, it is also perfect for clothing stores, shoe stores, duty-free shops at airports or border crossings integrated with the reports required by Canada Customs. It is also ideal for jewelry shops and bicycle repair and maintenance shops.

35 years of development allow us to offer you a complete software adapted for your retail business.

Isthera is a Complete Inventory System

Manage your inventory with several barcodes, receipts, orders, supplier returns, loss management, product history. The system allows size/color management, delivery management, subscription, preparation type scale code, connected scale, bottle deposit, promotion management, discount management, ingredient management for manufacturing, mix and match, specific data for pharmacies, for hairdressers, making appointments, serial number and more.

Included with the Isthera POS System

Complete Manual

Isthera educational space

Integrated Updates

Integrated Bank POS

Possibility of remote technical support with service contract at an average cost available 24 hours.

Built-in Backups

Some Benefits of ISHTERA POS System

Buy or Rent

Isthera is proprietary system-based software. You buy your software and you become the owner for life or for monthly use with our Cloud environment. This will help you start your business by paying a monthly fee based on your software needs.

Certified and Versatile

MEV Approved, Measures Canada; Full integration with Global Desjardins IPP320; Export of the general ledger to Sage or Acomba; Integrated software update, documentation, security plug, 7 languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Russian);

Order Management

Loss management, inventory adjustments, supplier return, order and receipt, multi-suppliers, real-time multi-branch, barcode generator;

Quick Billing

Thanks to our touch screen, establish your billing menu, link with Global Payment. Gift card and loyalty card, certified integrated scale, preparation scale code, etc

Complete Customer File

Complete customer file, invoice and account statement by email, integrated SMS, purchase archive, personalized price management and much more.

Report in PDF, Excel, Word

Your many sales reports in graphic mode, for all sales periods.

Accounting Reports

Tactile invoicing, complete inventory management, customer file, sales report (PDF, EXCEL, email, sales graph, …);

Become Visible Online
With Isthera web

Create your online store easily. No technical knowledge required. Manage a single inventory and sell anywhere around the world.

Isthera Checkout System Solutions

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4 495.00$

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Achetez un système complet. Achetez votre environnement matériel de qualité et utilisez le logiciel a vie soyez propriétaire.

Payer par année

1 295.00$

Par station

Achetez votre environnement matériel de qualité à 2 500$ et utilisez le logiciel en payant annuellement (minimum 2 ans)

Payer par mois


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Payez mensuellement
Achetez votre environnement matériel de qualité à 2 500$ et utilisez le logiciel en payant une mensualité (minimum 1 an)

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