Discover the most user-friendly and powerful retail pharmacy offered to pharmacies on the market

Isthera Pharmacy is a point of sale system suitable for pharmacies. It allows the management of inventory, prescriptions, label printing in addition to a multitude of other management options.

We have been servicing the pharmacy field for over 35 years..

Smart link with Logipharm

Integration with Mckesson for inventory, electronic invoice, new products, promotions, printing of tablet labels and complete and efficient cash management

You manage your laboratory inventory efficiently by reconciling prescriptions and future orders.

When your prescription is created, the customer file is immediately generated in the system and the prescription is automatically billed using the barcode.

L’Ordonnance was the first software to integrate a module for entering private patient insurance with an image of the card. This feature has been around since 1997.

L’Ordonnance has only one main screen where the information necessary for most transactions is accessible at a glance. All actions can be performed directly from the keyboard or using the mouse.

With just one touch or click, you can access the customer’s order list. All you have to do is to choose those that need to be treated. When searching for a prescription, those pending are displayed in blue.

Isthera is a fast and efficient billing solution for any pharmacy that wants the simplicity of a cash register

Some benefits of ISTHERA PHARMACY

The Products are Highly Efficient and Intuitive

Use your smart phone, electronic labels, your website connected in real time with one or more branches anywhere in the world.

Quick Billing use touch screen

Thanks to our touch screen, set up your billing menu, linked with all Canadian banks. Gift card and loyalty card, integrated certified scales by Measurement Canada.

Complete Inventory Management

Fully integrated with McKesson for your inventory, promotion, ordering and receiving. Manage your inventory with several barcodes, receipt, order, supplier return, loss management, product history.

Complete Customer File

Complete customer file, invoice and account statement by email, integrated SMS, purchase archive, personalized price management and much more.

Report in PDF, Excel, Word

Have your sales reports in graphic mode, for all sales periods.

Laboratory Inventory

Laboratory and floor inventory management linked to the Officine LogiPharm software.

Isthera Pharmacy Solution

Ensemble complet Matériel inclus

4 995.00$

paiement unique

Ordinateur i5, 8G, SSD128,
Win 10, clavier et souris,
écran tactile 17 pouces HD,
tiroir caisse, reçu thermal
TM T20, lecteur de code
barre Symbol 2D multi scan,
TPV Desjardins intégré, lien
Logipharm. Isthera
pharmacie: 495.00 / mois


1 995.00$

paiement unique / poste

Logiciel seulement
Facturation, inventaire,
dossier client, générateur
d’étiquette papier, rapport,
lien comptable, TPV
Desjardins intégré, lien Logipharm




Logiciel seulement
Facturation, inventaire,
dossier client, générateur
d’étiquette papier, rapport,
lien comptable, TPV
Desjardins intégré, lien Logipharm

(en) Les étiquette électroniques, un complément idéal.

Gérer et installer des étiquettes électroniques dans votre commerce devient facile et écoresponsable